Friday, 9 September 2016

Delmes & Zander at abc 2016

Opening: Thursday, September 15, 2016
12 to 4 pm (Special Guests), 4 – 8 pm (public opening)

André Robillard

André Robillard, Fusil x Russe Rapide RCA.H, 1992, mixed media, 24 x 94 cm and
Fusil USA T.R. 628 Rapide Aux Combat, 1990s, mixed media, 30 x 145,5 cm

At this year's edition of abc Delmes & Zander will show works by André Robillard (*1932), inventor, visionary and gun crazy tinkerer.

Robillard's guns are detailed replicas of actual firearms, inspired by the images of real rifles and submarine guns, which he studied from books and magazines. Creating his objects with sardine cans, typewriter-ribbon spools, gun-shell casing, light bulbs, bicycle parts or adhesive tapes, he re-contextualizes familiar materials, giving them new meaning by placing them in an unintended setting. Not surprisingly, his assembled weapons have something subversive but sinister. This is the general ambiguity that pervades Robillard's work: while his fascination for guns is rooted in his childhood memories of quality time spend with his father hunting, the gun in itself can still kill. It is clear that there is no such thing as innocent junk.

André Robillard is today a classic of the art brut. His work has been shown at the KW Berlin, the Kunstmuseum Thurgau and the Collection de l'Art Brut. It is currently found in several international collections such as that of the Museum of Everything, the Treger-Saint Silvestre Collection and the Collection abcd. Galerie Susanne Zander showed the first exhibition with his work as early as 1992.

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Monika Koencke

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