Saturday 30 October 2010

Morton Bartlett @ Linn Lühn Gallery

October 30 – December 22, 2010

Further images at: Linn Lühn - Cologne

Photo: Courtesy Galerie Susanne Zander, Cologne / Linn Lühn, Cologne

Morton Bartlett's (1909 - 1992) work ultimately surfaced in its totality only after his death. He was a private, inconspicuous man whose passion was creating a fantasy family - a superlative group of perfectly self-sculpted children, aged mainly 6 -17, wearing meticulously hand-made clothes and specially constructed wigs. Bartlett first began to make his dolls in 1936, the same year that Hans Bellmers book The Doll was published in Paris. His pencil drawings of young girls, the hand-made dolls and the staged photographs of his beloved children, all key elements of an artificial paradise which fascinates and repells at once and which lend insight into the work of a Gepetto of lost children, a man himself an orphan.

Christoph Schellberg has selected six of Bartlett's drawings to show them alongside three formerly unseen photographic works by Düsseldorf based artist Thomas Ruff's - the blurred, pixelated internet-blow ups "Nudes" (2009) - in an exhibition which draws new light in the respective work by juxtaposition and which suceeds in opening up surprisingly subtle paralells. Ruff's porn stars bodies are blurred to the point of abstraction, lending the brute explicitness of porn the spectral qualities of fantasy. United in Linn Lühn's cool, geometric gallery space two artist of different times and discursive background offer very distinct media of projection for desire or the detachment of such, both toying with voyeurism and questioning the beholder's sense of perception and intimacy.

Text: Monika Koencke

Wednesday 27 October 2010

The Musée d’art moderne Lille Métropole reopened

© Max Lerouge/LMCU

After four years of work devoted to the renovation of the original building of Roland Simounet and its park, as well as its restructuring and extension by Manuelle Gautrand, the Musée d’art moderne Lille Métropole reopened this fall with a new name: the LaM, Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut. The concomitant display offers a fresh approach to the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, and throws new light on the history of art through major temporary exhibitions.

As the only museum in Europe to present simultaneously the principal movements of the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, the LaM will propose to the public a prestigious collection of modern art, outstanding examples of contemporary art and a collection of art brut that has no equal in France. These three collections bring together nearly 4,500 works. In 1999, these collections were enriched with the largest collection of art brut in France, thanks to the donation made by the association L’Aracine.

The L’Aracine collection was initiated by Madelaine Lommel in 1983. This donation to the LaM consists of 3,500 works by 170 French and foreign artists: drawings, paintings, assemblages, objects and sculptures. The biggest names in art brut are represented in it: André Robillard, Aloïse, Barbier Müller, Carlo Zinelli, Joseph Crépin, Henry Darger, Paul End, Auguste Forestier, Abbé Fouré, Madge Gill. With a total exhibition space of some 4,000 m2, the LaM is now the first museum to present simultaneously collections of modern art, contemporary art, and the largest French collection of art brut, which was donated by L’Aracine in 1999.

Weitere Infos:

© André Robillard, Galerie Susanne Zander, Köln

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Galerie Susanne Zander@

Galerie Susanne Zander presents

Horst Ademeit
Chris Hipkiss
Aurel Iselstöger
Miroslav Tichy

Find us in hall 20 booth 108

opening: 6th October 2010

7th - 10th October 2010, noon - 7pm

Exhibition Grounds Messe Berlin, halls 18-20, Palais am Funkturm

Sunday 3 October 2010

REVIEW: "Outsider Kunst: Fantasten an der Macht" im HANDELSBLATT (01.01.2010)

"Die Kunst von Außenseitern überzeugt mit ihrer Originalität und Kraft. Trotz hoher Qualität findet sie nur selten Eingang in die Museen. Privatsammler haben sie dagegen schon vor 100 Jahren entdeckt. Einzelne Künstler erzielen sechsstellige Preise..."

Klicken Sie hier um den Artikel vollständig weiterzulesen.

Schreiber, Susanne: "Outsider Kunst: Fantasten an der Macht" in Handelsblatt vom 01.01.2010
Online abrufbar hier.

Friday 1 October 2010

REVIEW: Horst Ademeit in der Oktober-Ausgabe von art - Das Kunstmagazin

"Die 8500 Polaroids, mit denen Horst Ademeit 20 Jahre lang den Widrigkeiten des Lebens und einer geheimnisvolle Strahlenkälte trotzte, hielt er selbst nicht für Kunst. Aber wo verlaufen die Grenzen?"

In der aktuellen Ausgabe von art - Das Kunstmagazin stellt Mirja Rosenau in einem 7-seitigen Portrait des Künstlers einen Mann auf der Suche nach Beweisen vor und eröffnet ein weitere Tür in das umfassende Oeuvre

Horst Ademeit ist noch bis zum 21. Oktober 2010 in der Galerie Susanne Zander zu sehen.

Rosenau, Mirja: "Ademeits Welt", Art. Das Kunstmagazin, Oktober 2010, S.76-82.