Thursday 24 February 2011

EXHIBITIONS: Sassa Trülzsch featuring Foma Jaremtschuk in Berlin

02 – 26 February 2011

Blumenthalstr. 8
10783 Berlin

Wed – Fr 11 – 6
Sat 2 – 6 and by appointment

Thursday 17 February 2011

Michael Bauer: K-Hole & The Keno Twins 4

27. February 2011 - 08. May 2011
Opening 27. Februar 2011, 11 am

Michael Bauer: K-Hole

Art as a drug? It is by no means improbable that Michael Bauer’s K-Hole will lure us away into absurd, psychedelic worlds. Worlds featuring a conglomerate of sculpture and painting. Colour fields looking like patches of dirt form the starting point for these pictures. Surreal constructions grow out of them, endowed with heraldic shapes and ornaments. Individual geometrical elements, with coloured stripes or patterns like chequer boards in grey-brown shadowy worlds attract attention. The images almost seem to be moving, if it were not for the fact that isolated lines border or divide up the picture. Michael Bauer also confronts his painting with sculptures, as references drawn out of the image. Things that do not belong together are mixed, analysed and re-presented. Architecture conceived especially for the exhibition repeatedly, indeed iteratively, shows forms from Michael Bauer’s pictorial language. The entrance hall to the Villa Merkel is transformed into a K-Hole like a roundabout, a spinning top. The exhibition will be continued in modified form from June 2011 at the Casa Cavassini in Udine.
Michael Bauer, b. 1973 in Erkelenz, lives in Berlin.

The Keno Twins 4

This exhibition has two faces and within that simultaneously one, whose profile is succinctly drawn. In the fourth edition of The Keno Twins the curator, artist Michael Bauer, continues an exhibition cycle that uses iconological comparisons to set the peripheral alongside the innovative, things that are of an especially independently distinctive cast along side established ones.

What we have here are those sculptures, paintings and graphic works from Outsider Art that are not within any official artistic framework and yet are repeatedly cited by established artists.
Connections are quickly made. Mask-like sculptures; drawings of fantastic dreams; photographs as precise, almost painstaking records of apparently visible cold radiation. But despite the manner of an antiques dealer, an art collector, indeed almost an art historian, it really is an artist who is assembling things that move him. Michael Bauer’s view of art is refreshingly free from stereotyped thinking.

The exhibition shows work by artists including Horst Ademeit, Steve Claydon, Michaela Eichwald, Alasdair Gray, Charlie Hammond, Chris Hipkiss, Aurel Iselstöger, Robert Kraiss, Fabian Marti, Jb Murray, Michel Nedjar, David Noonan, Dietrich Orth, Michail Paule, Stefanie Popp, Aurie Ramirez, Sava Sekulic, Renee So, Miroslav Tichy, Oskar Voll, August Walla, George Widener, Agatha Wojciechowsky, Mark van Yetter amongst other.

Curator: Michael Bauer

Pulverwiesen 25
73726 Esslingen am Neckar

Opening times: Tue 11-8; Wed-Sun 11-6,
Mon closed
Admission: 3 €; red. 1,50 €