Friday 19 November 2010

Hilma af Klint in Frieze Magazine / November issue 2010

Spirited Away

Current November issue 2010 of Frieze Magazine with a focus on 'Religion & Spirituality' featuring Swedish medium and artist Hilma af Klint.

Including 3 double fold pages with large scalle images and an article by Ronald Jones & Liv Stoltz.

Please visite Frieze Magazine for more information.

Courtesy: cover image by Frieze Magazine / November issue 2010

Tuesday 16 November 2010

FILM "Rouge Ciel"
An Art Brut film by Bruno Decharme

abcd and SYSTEME B have just finished the production of ROUGE CIEL, An Essay on Art Brut, a film directed by Bruno
Click on the clip below above.

The Japanese Kunizo Matsumoto cannot read nor write, yet he has invented a form of writing that is both beautiful and enigmatic. The American George Widener, who is capable of memorizing events of the last 1,500 years, can also predict the future, which he inscribes in his “magic squares," on a paper tablecloth. Fernand Desmoulin, a French engraver, draws with no light while the “spirits” guide his hand. The Czech Zdenek Kosek sits for weeks looking through his window, with no food or sleep. In his notebook he records all sounds and movements around him, fearing that if he stopped, the world would cease to exist. The postman Ferdinand Cheval, left on his own, worked on his “Palais Ideal” for 3 decades.

Rouge Ciel tells the story of these artists beyond the bounds of norm, visionaries who set ablaze our spirit and shake up our ways of thinking. This film features interviews of those who have influenced the perception of art brut, writers, philosophers, psychoanalysts and art amateurs, tracing its fragmented history.
With: Henry Darger / Gabriel Joaquim Dos Santos / Adolphe-Julien Fouré / Zdenek Kosek / Alexandre Lobanov / Helen Martins / Kunitzo Matsumoto / Simon Rodia / George Widener / Purvis Young & the interviews of : Manuel Anceau / Jean Dubuffet / Phillys Kind / Jean-Louis Lanoux / Randall Morris / Lucienne Peiry / Jennifer Pinto Safian / Barbara Safarova / Gérard Schreiner / Michel Thévoz

HD/Dolby E 5.1/93 minutes