Tuesday 8 December 2009


To kick a wind to

A quality edition of Hipkiss drawings, printed in black and white on 170gr Rives paper and including a poster insert (67x95cm). Size: 30x40cm. Pages: 32. Short text by Randall Morris (in English, with French translation). Price: 20 Euros.

Courtesy of French artist and publisher, Blanquet, and his United Dead Artists imprint, we are pleased to announce the availability of the first ever publication dedicated to the work of Hipkiss. Rendered in black and white, from large format colour transparencies, image quality is superb, and the size of this soft-cover edition allows for a much better idea of the works as they are 'in the flesh' than is ever possible on screen. A poetic piece by New York art writer, Randall Morris, graces the back of a giant poster of the 2009 drawing, Dreizehn Hassminen.
Purchase publication at Galerie Susanne Zander

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