Thursday 1 September 2011

Exhibition #4 at The Museum of Everything, London

From September 2 - October 25th, 2011
Selfridges, London

The Museum of Everything returns on 2 September with its fourth exhibition. This time round, we can expect ‘over two hundred drawings, paintings and sculptures by international contemporary artists for whom creation is not just art, it is language’.

In a departure from previous exhibitions, the new show will not make use of the museum’s usual Primrose Hill venue. Instead, it’s decamping to Selfridges for what’s described as the ‘most expansive art collaboration in the history of the shop’. As well as taking up internal space, the exhibition will also occupy all of the department store’s famous windows. The show will be accompanied by a yet-to-be-announced events programme and the optimistically named Shop of Everything.

Exhibition #4 features hundreds of artworks by new undiscovered artists information on progressive art studios worldwide physical exhibition and online digital exhibition events, talks, screenings of The Films of Everything.

Dan Miller, William Scott, Harald Stoffers, Thomas Beisgen, Katsuhiro Terao, Tomoyuki Shinki, etc

Exhibition #4 runs at Selfridges from 2 September to 25 October.

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