Thursday 3 November 2011

THE KENO TWINS 5 at Colazione in Barriera, Turin

Sava Sekulić , untitled, undated, oil on wood, 36 x 41 cm

curated by Michael Bauer
From 4. November - 26. November 2011

“Colazione in Barriera”, in his fifth edition, is an appointment that every year takes place by hosting important contemporary art exhibitions during Artissima, the art fair of Turin.
This year Barriera hosts The Keno Twins 5, a show curated by Michael Bauer, who on this occasion has selected more than sixty works, including drawings, sculptures, photographs, and paintings made by thirty-eight artists of different ages and origins.
The idea behind the exhibition is to shed light on the possible affinities between apparently very different works and, as the artist explains, to trace out ‘hidden links, like surreptitious handshakes, in order to form a club that members do not even realise they belong to.’
The selection of works reveals Michael Bauer’s personal interest in independent research that is capable of inventing new worlds and private mythologies, and in obsessions that become forms of art.

‘The Keno Twins’ is a travelling exhibition project that acquires new forms and shapes at each stop. After being shown in Cologne and Esslingen (Villa Merkel), ‘The Keno Twins’ has now found space at Barriera, Turin, for its fifth event.

Keno Twins features:
Horst Ademeit, Francesco Barocco, Michael Bauer, Georg Bauer, Scott Calhoun, Steven Claydon, Michaela Eichwald, Frank Haines, Charlie Hammond, John Hiltunen, Chris Hipkiss, Paul Humphrey, Aurel Iselstöger, Erwin Kneihsl, Fabian Marti, David Noonan, Dietrich Orth, Michail Paule, Stefanie Popp, Aurie Ramirez, Alan Reid, Salvo, Sava Sekulic, Renee So, Ghédalia Tazartès, Miroslav Tichy, Mark van Yetter, Oskar Voll, August Walla, George Widener, Agatha Wojciechowski.

Michael Bauer was born in Erkelenz (Germany) in 1973 and lives in New York. On 2011 he had a solo show as well as an exhibition that he himself curated at Villa Merkel, Esslingen. In 2009 he had a solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel; in 2007 he had solo shows at the Kunstverein in Bonn and at the Städtische Galerie in Delmenhorst. He works with Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich; Norma Mangione, Turin; Lisa Cooley, New York.

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