Tuesday 10 June 2014

"Artists Of The Gallery" at GALERIE SUSANNE ZANDER, Cologne

Sava Sekulic, untitled (ArchivNr. S/M 007),1969/70, mixed media on cardboard, 27 x 40,5 cm

Artists Of The Gallery

13th June – 26th July 2014

The current exhibition at Galerie Susanne Zander in Cologne features a selection of artist which have a longstanding tradition within the gallery program, spanning from more classical Art Brut positions such as Sava Sekulic and Mirolsav Tichy to more contemporary works by Outsiders such as Paul Humphrey. The selection exemplifies the diversity of the program and the wide range of materials and mediums encountered within these works often positioned on the borderline territories between established notions of art and the fringes. Thematically the works shown encompass the fantastical and allegorical, the erotic, the figurative and the abstract alike.

All works have contributed to the well rounded program of the gallery, established since 1988, and dedicated to eye-opening positions that allow for a completely different view on our surrounding reality ever since.

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