Wednesday 3 December 2014

TYPE 42 (Anonymous) "Invasion of the Star Creatures/ Dolores Reed"

Type 42 (Anonymous), "Invasion of the Star Creatures/ Dolores Reed", mixed media on polaroid, 8,3 x 10,8 cm, Courtesy Galerie Susanne Zander/ Delmes & Zander

And another actress unveiled...

TYPE 42 (Anonymous)
"Invasion of the Star Creatures/ Dolores Reed" (Archive Nr. 950)
Mixed Media on Polaroid, 8,3 x 10,8 cm

Dolores Reed a.k.a. "Dr. Puna" is introduced to earthlings in the 1962 science fiction comedy film "Invasion of the Star Creatures" directed by Bob Ball and Frankie Ray.

Watch here:

In 1979, the film was cited by Harry and Michael Medved in their book "The Golden Turkey Awards", a tribute to bad films. Invasion of the Star Creatures was nominated in the category for “The Worst Vegetable Movie of All Time,” with the authors noting the monsters controlled by the Chalar aliens were played by actors wearing carrot costumes.

The exhibition "TYPE 42 (ANONYMOUS): FAME IS THE NAME OF THE GAME" is on show at Delmes & Zander I Berlin until Dec. 23rd

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