Saturday 12 March 2016

8 Artworks You Should Buy at New York's Armory Arts Week

James Tarmy tells you in BLOOMBERG which
"8 Artworks You Should Buy at New York's Armory Arts Week".

Anonymous, Obsession (ca. 1870). Collage, photography, mixed media.
Courtesy of Delmes & Zander.

"A line of several hundred shivering, elaborately dressed art enthusiasts stretched down the block outside the Independent art fair last night in SoHo, as the final phase of New York’s art fair week opened with a bang and more than a few outraged collectors. “But I’m VIP!” wailed one woman in a geographically untraceable accent as she was turned away at the door.
That collector, along with scores of other art lovers, can take heart: There are so many fairs (at least eight) and so many thousands of works of art on view that it was almost impossible to see, let alone appreciate, everything on offer. And that’s why we’ve collected 10 works that, for various reasons (an under-the-radar artist, an emerging trend throughout the fairs, a surprisingly reasonable price, or, in more than a few instances, an artwork that is simply compelling) were worth checking out. (...)

Outsider Art, which generally refers to artworks by people who didn’t (usually) intend for their artworks to be sold, popped up in multiple booths at multiple fairs this week. Several booths included works by the famous outsider artist Bill Traylor, but some hidden gems were also for sale, including this hand-painted collage from the 1870s, “Obsession,” which is double-sided and sells in the range of 14,000 to 18,000 euros. Delmes & Zander Gallery

Another outsider artist is the self-taught Von Bruenchenhein (1910-1983), who lived in Milwaukee and worked in total obscurity until after his death, when his art was “discovered” by a friend of the family who arranged for the Kohler Arts Center to acquire a huge body of his work. Many pieces remain on the market, but every one of his works at the Independent were bought at the preview. (...)"

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