Tuesday 17 January 2017

ONE/OTHER Self-Portraits and Portraits /// Stadtzauber

Stadtzauber, Jan I Februar 2017, p.60.

STADTZAUBER about our current exhibition ONE/ OTHER Self-portraits and Portraits
on view till February 4th, 2017

Thanks to the positive resonance of ONE/ other presented earlier this year at the Independent New York and OTHER/ one featured at the Independent in Brussels,

Delmes & Zander are merging the two exhibition concepts into one show featuring a selection of portraits and self-portraits simultaneously in both their Berlin and Cologne galleries. ONE / OTHER will show how the portrait as well as the self-portrait unabashedly mirrors the artist behind the work no matter if he portrays himself or whether he is portraying the other. Independently of their subject, the photographs and drawings reveal everything about their authors and their yearnings for a romanticised identity, no matter on which side of the camera or canvas. Evident in the works is a serialized, obsessive impulse to repeatedly pin down an image or identity that is manifestly idealized.


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