Thursday 7 March 2019

ArtNews writing about Albrecht Becker at the Independent New York

Image: Albrecht Becker, 1979, untitled, 20.5x18.5cm, Copyright Hervé Joseph Lebrun, Courtesy Delmes & Zander

Claire Selvin writing for ArtNews about Albrecht Becker at the Independent New York

(...) Becker, who became a celebrated set designer in Germany following World War II, took hundreds of performative self-portraits over the course of 40 years, beginning in the early 1930s. The images, which function as meditations on the artist’s body and sexuality, often incorporate illusionistic elements and techniques like mirrors, photographic duplication, multiple-exposure, and collage. Having frequently utilized the transformative powers of make-up, costume, and decoration in his work, Becker, who died in 2002, is considered in the vanguard of art involving body modification.

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