Thursday 22 October 2020

Last Weeks of the exhibition "Dream Baby Dream" at Haus Mödrath


Morton Bartlett, untitled, ca. 1950, pencil on parchment, 43 x 35,5 cm

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"Dream Baby Dream" at Haus Mödrath, curated by Gesine Borcherdt

"The childhood home is a place of fantasy, protection, and play. But it can also be one of trauma, violence, and fear. The home is where it’s decided who we are, what will become of us, and what we will repress. For many artists, the impulse to create is rooted in childhood. Through art, they transmute their early and ingrained experiences into something bigger, something that renews, expands, and transforms our perspective on the world.

The exhibition Dream Baby Dream features artists whose work arises from just such an imaginative power. They all evince a strong connection to childhood and youth, not just as a source of creative inspiration, but also as a metaphor for physical, psychological, and social conflicts. The interplay of the artists creates an atmosphere in which the dark sides of childhood and youth take on entirely new forms.

The show’s title refers to a song by the influential electronic duo Suicide, pioneers of post-punk and of what would later become techno. The song’s dark sound, paired with Alan Vega’s Elvis-like voice, turns the American Dream that still haunts us today into a nightmarish loop—and at the same time a trance-like, shimmering hope. Here, rebellion and desire, fear and fantasy interlink. (...)"

The exhibition features among others Morton Bartlett, Charlemagne Palestine, Veit Laurent Kurz

For more information visit the page of the museum here.

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