Thursday 10 December 2020

Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2020


Frankenstein's Bloody Terror, Type 42 (anonymous), 1960s-1970s, mixed media on polaroid, 8.3 x 10.8 cm

 published by The Walther Collection

"The book Imagining Everyday Life - a new story enriched with the origins and characteristics of vernacular photography - grew out of a two-day symposium, organized by the Walther Collection at Columbia University in 2018. With scholars and critics from foreground evolving in different disciplines and regional perspectives aiming to reconsider the ordinary image through the prism of power, identity, political participation and ideology, new narratives hitherto largely ignored or erased are coming enrich the traditional reading of the vernacular. By redefining this photograph by its social function rather than by its aesthetic characteristics, and by an exploration of the means available, Imagining Everyday Life offers a much more detailed and extensive account of the history and role of vernacular photography. Richly illustrated and supported by texts "rigorous without being heavy", Imagining Everyday Life is, according to Joshua Chuang , member of the pre-jury, a real "essential re-examination of the subject". Lucy Conticello , member of the final jury, adds: “The quality of the research, its insightful contributions from a large number of archives and collections, as well as its high quality reproductions, make this book a reference work on vernacular photography.""

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