Wednesday 5 March 2014

Galerie Susanne Zander at INDEPENDENT, NY

WILLIAM CRAWFORD, untitled, pencil on paper, 1990's, 28 x 21,5 cm, Courtesy Delmes & Zander / Galerie Susanne Zander

Galerie Susanne Zander at  
March 6-9, 2014

“artist unknown”

William Crawford
Margret / Günter K.
Martina Kubelk

With this show Galerie Susanne Zander presents a selection of artists about whom little or nothing is known. Here, the quality and autonomy of the artistic work itself lies in the focus. There are no artists’ curricula vitae that might aid the viewer in a quick art historical contextualization. The viewer is here solely and immediately confronted with the work itself.
We know little about William Crawford’s life. His drawings were discovered in an abandoned house in Oakland, California, and can be traced back to the 1990's. They convey an intense sense of sexual longing of a man behind bars and an urge to tell stories. All the information we have is the narrative contained in the work itself.
A photo book containing over 380 photographs, mostly Polaroids. On the cover the title: Martina Kubelk: Clothes – Lingerie. Shown are images of a man in women’s clothes, photographed between January 1988 and July 1995. These self-portraits grant insight into the private world of Martina Kubelk. Ruffled dresses, latex underwear, a portrait of the parents on the wall, a cat poster, 1970s wallpaper and always Martina, who photographs herself over a period of seven years with a self- timer in the intimacy of her flat.
For the first time we will also be offering vintage duplicate prints from the “Margret” estate, the found and meticulously documented archive of a love affair that took place between May 1969 and December 1970 between the business man Günter K. and his secretary in and around Cologne, Germany. Along with these positions we will show a work by an anonymous foot fetishist.

“artist unknown” continues on the trail of a venture, which Galerie Susanne Zander has been involved with for years: it probes new borderline areas of art and underscores the conceptual approach of so-called outsider art.

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