Saturday 22 November 2014

HORST ADEMEIT at Large Glass, London

HORST ADEMEIT, untitled, 26.03.1993, inscribed polaroid, 11 x 9 cm, Copyright Galerie Susanne Zander/ Delmes & Zander

featured in 
"Indeterminacy" at Large Glass, London

28 Nov. 2014 - 27 Feb. 2015
Opening 27 November, 6-9 pm

"The collection of works in the show, is inspired by the composer John Cage's recognition of indeterminacy as an important state in the making of art. Ian Hunt has written a piece to accompany the display, here is an extract:

"For modern artists, indeterminate operations and conditions have been useful principally for the way they give life to new forms of interpretation, sense-making and order. The work to which Cage gave the programmatic title Indeterminacy is a set of frequently comic stories interrupted by silences, so that each takes a minute to read. The works assembled in this exhibition make use of some modes that Cage employed: notably repetition, transcription, imitation and transformation of sources and givens. The variety of approaches here - including the socially porous, the surreal and the frankly curious - chimes with Cage’s own diversity as an artist.”

Artists: Horst Ademeit, John Cage, Arnaud Desjardin (The Everyday Press), Roger Hiorns, Helen Mirra, Cornelia Parker, Ana Prada, Kathy Prendergast, Dieter Roth, Trevor Shearer, John Smith & Graeme Miller.

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