Saturday 18 July 2020

New study on Horst Ademeit

Horst Ademeit, untitled, 04.02.1994, edited polaroid, 11 x 9 cm.

A thrilling case study on Horst Ademeit by Rosanna Mclaughlin

"Rosanna Mclaughlin is a writer, editor, and cultural critic. Her criticism has been featured in publications including Frieze magazine and The Guardian. She is the author of the book Double-Tracking: Studies is Duplicity, published by Carcanet Press. She is an editor at The White Review."

Rosanna Mclaughlin has chosen a selection of Polaroid’s taken by Horst Ademeit as the subject of her study as part of Study Series, intiated by the David Roberts Art Foundation. DRAF are a series of focused case-studies of works from the David Roberts Collection. Each presentation centres on a single work or series.

Read the full study here.

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